Five Points to Note before Traveling to Singapore

Posted on 29 October 2018 (0)

When President Donald Trump and his North Korean counterpart finally agreed to meet and make peace following months of threats and counter-threats, the venue they mutually selected was Singapore. For those who don’t know, Donald Trump has only a taste for the finest things the world has to offer.
According to a friend of mine who is travel lover and visited a lot of places in the world. . I asked him about Singapore and he said that Singapore is a modern, vibrant city in Southern Asia. Apart from the most luxurious skyscrapers and grand buildings on the planet, it also has room for beautiful parks, zoos, and gardens. So you can enjoy its modern city and also celebrate nature. The combination has worked to make Singapore one of the loved holiday destinations in the world. This can only improve following the handshake between Trump and the North Korean leader. Families will continue to troop to Singapore to visit the bird parks and take the night safaris.
If you plan to join the bandwagon, it behooves you to learn these facts about Singapore:

Singapore Is Expensive

No paradise is cheap. Ask anyone. Almost everything in Singapore costs money. Singapore is home to many millionaires and is thus full of luxuries and comforts that do not come cheaply. Don’t even imagine traveling there on a budget if it is too tight. The hotels, tourist sites, malls, transport and everything else is expensive.

The taxies are required by law to charge you by the meter. In short, if a taxi driver agrees to drive you cheaply, he is breaking the law and can be arrested. There is no special price for anyone; the meter determines what you pay. The cars for hire like Uber charge even higher. If you are tight on budget and you insist you must visit Singapore, be prepared to use the subway or the buses. The night buses charge a flat fair and are quite affordable.

Singapore Is Very Safe

In almost every travel article you read about many countries, there is safety caution. You have probably assumed that every nation is unsafe and so “standard safety measures” are necessary. However, there is no such caution when it comes to Singapore. You can comfortably walk in the dark corridors and alleys at night.  It is one of the few safest countries on Earth. There are strict rules and regulations against criminal activities, and this has helped to make it almost 100% safe. However (and please listen to this), “almost 100%” means it is not entirely safe.

If you give caution to the wind, you can be scammed. A brawl between drunkards in a bar can result in a beer bottle crushing your head, in a case of a missed target. Such incidents are hard to completely prevent even with the strictest laws.

Singapore Has Gone Cashless

Singapore has come up with several ways to transact without using cash. Significant businesses only accept cashless payments. So you should not carry much money there because to your surprise, they will tell you they don’t need money. But there are places you will require cash. For instance, downtown hawkers and residential shops can accept payment. About $100 is enough to carry.

Sinners Are Overtaxed In Singapore

It is costly to smoke or drink (that is, alcohol) in Singapore. The taxes on these “sinful” habits keep jumping up time and again, and may have jumped twice from the moment you began reading this. Beer is taxed $60 per liter. If you feel it is too much, there is one thing you are expected to do: quit drinking. That is, drinking alcohol.

Singapore Is a Fine City

Well, Singapore is a fine country, as in, you pay fine for almost every minor offense you commit. These fines are meant to discourage unruly public behavior so that the country can continue to be safe. For instance, if you dash across a busy downtown road, you are fined on the spot even if you inconvenienced nobody.

Chewing gum is banned, and if caught with one, you pay a hefty fine. Anyone caught importing, manufacturing or hawking it will be fined heavily or imprisoned or both. The chewing gum, when disposed of carelessly, interferes with sensors on train doors, leading to their malfunction. They also litter the streets, causing the government to spend heavily to clean the streets.
If you arrive in Singapore with chewing gum, quickly swallow it to avoid a hefty fine.


Now you know. If you are up to it, go ahead with the trip. Also, remember that Singapore is both a city and a country. That is, it is an island without no mainland or hinterland. All Singaporeans are city-dwellers.

Interesting Facts About Machu Pichu

Posted on 26 October 2018 (0)

According to a friend who works at Integrity place which you can also visit by clicking here, Machu Pichu is a city in Peru. Over the years it has become a favorite tourist spot. The town sits at 2430 meters above sea level. It is crucial to know this because you may have different reactions to the altitude especially if you are not medically fit. If you are suffering from any illness, please consult your doctor before traveling as a precaution.

Can’t be quaked

Peru is a country that has constant tremors now and then. The exciting thing is that even with earthquakes, the buildings don’t crumble. The stones that constructed the buildings were cut and wedged together magnificently, and they didn’t use any mortar. Whenever there is an earthquake, the rocks dance about and then go back to their positions. Tell me you wouldn’t want to see that?

The Inca Empire

The word Inca means Emperor or king. In the olden days, this word was very respected and highly revered. The Inca people were mighty during the 1400s-1500s. The empire even became the backbone of that area at some point, and it only crashed when their king got killed. There has been a lot of speculation as to why the Inca people left Machu Pichu, one of them being that the smallpox epidemic had affected and killed most of them, but there is no concrete evidence.

Protected heritage

Being known as the lost city in the world has made Machu Pichu be in the list of wonders of the world. Machu Pichu has a lot of ruins that still lay there to date.

Intuatana structure

The people of the Inca Empire regarded the Intuatana as a sacred structure. They believed that the structure helped the sun to stay on the correct path.  They also used to perform ceremonies around it.


Most people hear about this animal, but if you want to see it and even take a photo with it, then Machu Picchu is the place to go. This animal from the camel family is quite an interesting site.

Hiking trails

You can use a horse on the trails if you are unable to walk. There are small trails like the Inca quarry trail, following this trail can lead you through the communities and sites that will spark your interests.

There are some archeological sites that you will find on the way as well.

You may come across communities that speak the Quechua language. There are still a lot of ruins that will encounter named after the word.

Remember to pack your camera to take some photos.

Visiting Machu Pichu will give you the opportunity to learn about the history and people of this little wonder that is tucked away in Peru.