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        公司介紹? Company Profile


        Shanghai WeiRen Pet Products Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008. ?We carry on pet business experiences in Taiwan over 20 years and mainly operate middle and high end pet food and supplies. ?Now, we have own mature warehouse management, established full of selling experience and channel and understood the pet market trend accurately.
        Shanghai RueyJenr Pet Products Co., Ltd. and Shanghai WeiRen Pet Products Co., Ltd. are related companies. ?We offer more high quality, health and environment protection to our pet owners.
        Spirit of enterprise, “quality first, customer first, reputation first”for the purpose. ?

        公司理念? Vision


        Create the best life for animals – Love is our responsibility to see animals in need.

        創辦人 Founder

        1986和李志堅先生一起創立了動物王國集團的第一家分店“御貓園”,曾經入選為推動臺灣寵物業的百人之一, 也是前三大臺灣寵物連鎖店。我們與許多國際品牌有良好的合作關系,例如:K9Natural,伊珊娜, 渴望,Wellness寵物健康等等。專長:貓繁殖及寵物照顧及護理專家。

        The first store of“Royal Cats Garden”established by Gary and his brother in 1986, which was once selected as one of the 100 people to promote the pet industry in Taiwan. The“Royal Cats Gardens”is one of the top 3 chain store in Taiwan. Operated many global brands in Grand China , ex. ?K9Natural, Iv San Bernard, Origen , Wellness,…


        Shanghai RueyJenr/ WeiRen Pet Products co., Ltd ?CEO-Gary Lee